Tell us more about your background and the role it’s
played in shaping who you are today?

I grew up in the south (Jacksonville, FL), in a house that sat on a corner with a large front yard and with hot pink azaleas that bloomed in the walkway. My dad was an architect and designed the house we lived in. My mom was a florist and can tell you the name of every flower you’ve ever seen. We celebrated holidays and birthdays to the fullest With an attic full of decorations and a house filled with antiques. My sister and I would put on plays for our family and we sold the tickets to the show. Our production company was called, “Cat Talk” and contracts were held in a Lisa Frank binder. My life growing up was memorable and my mom has albums of photos where she’s captured it all. I wish I was still a kid , which is what most of my photography inspiration comes from. I don’t want everyone to just see a photo, but feel something wonderful, magical from it. As if you were there experiencing that moment with them. My goal is to have photos people can escape into completely. When this happens I’ll know l’ve accomplished something great.

Sarah Ellen

| Peanut brittle
| Picks in a new sweaters
| Sand in the car
| Hot summer days
| Spam phone calls
| Instant coffee


| Coffee in the morning
| Strolls in the mountains with friends
| The sound of the wind blowing through the trees
| Nina Simone's voice
| Sprinkles Cupcakes
| Road trips


To be innovators in visual imagery by staying on top of new techniques, trends & social climate.
To personalize & connect with clients giving them images that reflect the true sense of themselves & their brand.