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Why do prices vary when it comes to photoshoots?

Prices vary because there's different variables that go into each different type of shoot. 
Some factors being: 

1. Usage
2. Location costs and/or permits
3. Hair & Make-up
4. Wardrobe and/or wardrobe stylist
5. Prop sourcing
6. Hiring models

Email us and we can help guide you in a creative direction for your shoot and give you an estimate of what would be needed!

We are here to help you not have to have too many added costs, but also want you to be super happy with your final photos! After all, you'll get really good use of them!

Why do prices vary when it comes to photoshoots?

What is a day rate and usage?

Usage fees and image licensing
A day rate is what you charge for any photography job — these cover the cost of your time for that day's work. Many commercial photographers will include some limited form of usage in their day rate, while others will charge their set day rate plus additional usage fees.

WE have the answer.

We know you may have lots of questions on how you proceed on getting photos for yourself or for your business. Below are some common questions when it comes to doing a creative shoot.

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